Agile Integration Workshop: Atlanta

October 26, 2017

Date & Time

October 26, 2017 12:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Westin Atlanta Perimeter North

7 Concourse Parkway NE

Atlanta, GA 30328


Register by October 26, 2017 3:00 AM

We are entering a new era of microservices and containers which is reshaping how enterprise IT is delivering services with a focus on agility. As a result, developing, integrating, and connecting smaller discrete services has become more complex. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are increasingly being used to unlock core systems, collaborate with partners and reach customers in new ways. A platform architectural approach provides a foundation to deliver innovative solutions across today’s hybrid environments.

Join Red Hat and Levvel for a no-cost, 1-day, hands-on technical workshop. Take a journey to agile integration by taking back more control of your applications. Speed up your software life cycle by adopting microservices in your integration, modularizing solutions with APIs, being cloud ready by containerizing applications, and using DevOps to increase the speed of your development cycle to become truly agile. You’ll also participate in some hands-on labs, based on case studies and led by experienced solution architects.

Meet the speakers

Chris Bynum

Chris Bynum

Meet the speakers

Chris Bynum

Chris Bynum

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