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Buyer Insights for Product Development

October 24, 2019 2:00PM

Buyer Insights for Product Development

Successful product development takes a lot of work, not only for your skilled software engineers, but also when it comes to fully understanding and accounting for external factors — i.e. your market and your customers. Strategic product design depends on leveraging the right information to guide your development lifecycle. We are happy to announce our new Buyer Insights Research Program, which provides off-the-shelf customer insights and research data throughout the year for Electronic Payments, Travel and Expense Management, Accounts Payable Automation, and eProcurement solutions. Levvel is an IT strategy firm with the goal of helping our clients achieve their business goals with technology. Our goal in 2020 is to work holistically with product teams on software development strategy, transformation, and implementation. Our first Buyer Insights study covers electronic payments technology, including customer needs, ePayments provider competitive landscape, and buyers’ purchasing process for these solutions. __Join us on October 24 for our software provider-focused informational webinar that covers:__ - Key insights from our 2019 electronic payments study - How to use this data for guided development decisions - The Buyer Insights Program, our new off-the-shelf market research offering

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