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How to Become a Compliance-Centric Organization

May 23, 2019 2:00PM

How to Become a Compliance-Centric Organization

Even for companies with strong procurement teams and the best of intentions, it is virtually impossible to stay 100% compliant with purchasing policies, budgets, and contracts across the entire organization. So many purchasing decisions are made on the fly and in real time, and even a small amount of spend slipping through the cracks in controls can have a large financial impact on an organization's bottom line. Fortunately, there are strategies, tools, and best practices organizations can follow to create a completely compliance-centric environment for any procurement structure or purchasing model. Join Levvel Research and Xeeva as we outline some dynamic ways companies can transform their procurement and enable 360 degree purchasing compliance. This webinar will examine how holistic compliance strategies can be applied to different procurement environments (e.g., decentralized vs. centralized procurement) to create the same controlled spend outcome. It will also outline how electronic procurement (eProcurement) software applies autonomous compliance controls to effectively do the work for organizations.

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