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The Cross-Border Payments Blueprint for Global Payables

December 18, 2018 12:00AM

The Cross-Border Payments Blueprint for Global Payables

In recent years, large and mid-sized organizations have awakened to the need to maintain global partners and an international supply chain. However, complexity is the enemy of efficiency, and global business relationships entail a very complex process, one that is fraught with fraud and risk compliance requirements. When it comes to leveraging back-office processes and departments, a company’s payables team can either be an afterthought or a contributing partner to streamlining global partnerships. In this upcoming webinar, Levvel Research's analyst Anna Barnett and Rob Israch from Tipalti, a leading ePayments provider, will team up to present the latest research on current payments trends, including challenges in global payables management. This event will detail the requirements for a global payables process, and it will recount how one real company significantly reduced their risk profile for global payables.

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