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Supporting the Community

You may not expect this out of a tech company, but many of us here at Levvel are health nuts. We provide free healthy and Paleo snacks in our offices, all our employees have free CrossFit memberships, and about half our office uses standing desks. We care about looking good in our stylish Levvel t-shirts. So when the opportunity presented itself to help some amazing kids pursue their basketball dreams we jumped on it.

We had the privilege of supporting LeMontre’ and Deaundre, two brothers in attending the summer basketball program hosted by A2B Coaching. Check them out sporting Levvel t-shirts, they wear them better than most.

A2B Coaching is run by Luteke Kalombo in Charlotte, NC. The mission of the organization is to serve the community through the game of basketball, wellness, and fitness. He’s helping LeMontre’ and Deaundre progress as basketball players, set goals, learn, and have lots of fun. He’s giving them an unfair advantage over their peers. We love that.

Adam Hill

Operations Director

Adam has a background in startups and early stage venture funding. He’s the founder of a national FinTech accelerator, online wine retail business, and has participated in a number of early stage tech endeavors.

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