Levvel Blog - Levvel Joins The HortonWorks Systems Integrator Partner Program

Levvel Joins The HortonWorks Systems Integrator Partner Program

July 22, 2014 — Levvel, a leading systems integrator with a focus on innovative product development, today announced that it has joined the Hortonworks®Systems Integrator Partner program and will be delivering big data solutions powered by Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Hortonworks is the leading contributor to and provider of Apache™ Hadoop®. Levvel customers can now benefit from easier integration with Hadoop to drive enhanced business results from the ability to leverage existing knowledge assets on a larger scale and faster than before.

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By joining the Hortonworks Systems Integrator Partner program, LEVVEL will strengthen its ability to implement enterprise-level big data solutions including Hortonworks Data Platform, the industry’s only 100-percent open source Hadoop distribution, explicitly architected, built, and tested for enterprise-grade deployments.

Levvel’s implementation services enable rapid application development with meaningful top and bottom line impact. With the integration of Hadoop, customers can now process much larger datasets in a more accurate and cost effective manner, opening up new possibilities to capture revenue with enhanced analytics.

“Our customers are often on the cutting edge in terms of leveraging technology to improve business processes, and many of them are already leveraging Hadoop. Our announcement today allows them to take advantage of the most innovative Hadoop distribution on the planet,” said John Espey, co-founder of Levvel.

Hortonworks Data Platform was built by the core architects, builders and operators of Apache Hadoop and includes all of the necessary components to manage a cluster at scale and uncover business insights from existing and new big data sources. With a YARN-based architecture, HDP enables multiple workloads, applications and processing engines across single clusters with optimal efficiency. A reliable, secure and multi-use enterprise data platform, HDP is an important component of the modern data architecture, helping organizations mine, process and analyze large batches of unstructured data sets to make more informed business decisions.

“We welcome Levvel to the Hortonworks Systems Integrator Partner Program and look forward to working with them to provide data-driven applications powered by HDP for their customers,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks. “Levvel’s long-standing experience delivering solutions for rapid application development creates a natural expansion to add Hadoop integration, as companies of all sizes are adopting Hadoop to support their big data projects.”

About Levvel

Levvel combines business and technical expertise to transform its clients’ strategies into successful IT execution. Levvel provides a unique combination of business domain expertise, product management capabilities, and technology specialists to attack the most difficult business challenges. Levvel has successfully delivered results at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 50 global enterprises with its team of industry executives and experienced veterans of leading consulting firms.

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