Levvel Blog - Levvel Announces Partnership with Elastic Beam

Levvel Announces Partnership with Elastic Beam

Levvel is pleased to announce a new partnership with Elastic Beam. This partnership benefits Levvel’s customers by enabling them to seamlessly add API cybersecurity beyond the authentication and rate-limiting features of API management platforms.

As Levvel’s customers package, distribute, manage, and monetize APIs for internal and external parties, Elastic Beam plays a key role in providing a flexible and scalable API Cybersecurity Solution that protects the distribution of data, content, and services to multiple devices running mobile/web applications.

Farhan Hussain, General Manager of Levvel Software, spoke to the benefits of partnering with Elastic Beam.

“With digital transformation initiatives identified as a top priority for organizations today, API management has become the foundation for exposing those APIs for better use, performance, and value creation,” said Hussain. “Elastic Beam compliments Levvel’s existing API management solutions and Red Hat’s 3Scale by enabling companies to secure their APIs, allowing them to manage their digital risk against API-based cyberattacks.”

Elastic Beam’s solution uses real-time and artificial intelligence engines to inspect API traffic, automatically block cyberattacks, and deliver deep reporting on all API activity—on premise, private, and public cloud.

“We are excited to work with Levvel to deliver API cybersecurity across their digital transformation projects,” said Bernard Harguindeguy, Founder and CEO of Elastic Beam. “Not only does our API Security Intelligence deliver automated blocking of API attacks, but it also generates detailed forensic and compliance reporting which is critical to any business opening its digital assets to outside parties.”

To kick off the partnership, Levvel and Elastic Beam are presenting a webinar titled “The Future of API Security” live on February 15 at 2 PM EST.

For more information, please contact Levvel at hello@levvel.io.

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