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We believe the world needs technology to improve.

Levvel helps companies create great technology through human-centered problem-solving that is rooted in deep industry expertise.

Our Values

Grounded problem-solving

We are avid fans of technology but are even bigger fans of solving business problems. We understand the difference between ideas and solutions.


Getting new results means doing things you–and perhaps others–haven’t done before. To us, innovation is about creating new solutions to real problems for real people, which brings new value to customer relationships and drives business results.

Transparency & trust

We act and speak in a way that earns the trust of our teammates and our clients. Our interactions with others are marked by honesty, transparency, and respect.


David Antoline
Managing Director, Commercial
Steve Bernet
Senior Vice President of Finance
Chuck Bridgen
Client Solutions Principal
CJ Coimbatore
DevOps Capability Lead
Brian DiStasi
Recruitment Lead
Mike Drabic
Client Solutions Principal
Matt Ernst
Operating Partner, Co-Founder
Scott Harkey
Chief Strategy Officer
Chris Hart
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Rachel Hernandez
Project Management Capability Lead
Christoph Khouri
Senior Director, Commercial
Keith LaForce
Managing Director
Eric LaForce
Senior Vice President, Capabilities
George Linville
Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
Greg Lloyd
Senior Director, Financial Services
Chris Madison
Cloud Capability Lead
Kathleen McDowell
Managing Director, Financial Services
Thomas McLure
Client Solutions Principal
Stevie Palmateer
Engineering Capability Lead
Kat Perez
Design Capability Lead
Lia Rollman
Vice President, Human Resources
Sean Shealy
Chief Operating Officer
Devin Smith
Vice President, Strategy
Dan Territo

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