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Thanks for the opportunity to take a look at your product. We enjoy offering a fresh perspective on our clients' websites and applications and we hope that you find our insights valuable and actionable.

About Our Product Audits

Our audits help assess and improve your product's user experience by bringing a fresh perspective to the table. We start by recording a "First Impressions" screencast to help you understand how new users experience your product. We then review and score your site or application across 4 UX factors so you know how you compare to the competition. Based on the analysis, we identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities so that you have actionable next steps to improve your product.

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Preformed by: Garren DiPasquale, Lead Product Designer, June 22 2016

Overall Score

Your product was rated with an overall C grade. This rating indicates some major user experience issues that should be addressed addressed during the normal product development lifecycle. Your overall score is an aggregate of the ratings across the individual segments.

First Impressions


Smart Energy Decisions is likely seeing click through rates on email based on intrigue. The user is curious about the content they are seeing but when they enter the site they are overwhelmed and confused. They are likely quickly exploring the site and their expectations are not met so they leave the site.

The overall site design is acceptable for this industry but felt cluttered and hard to navigate. Overall the categorization and information architecture feels overly designed and needs to be more simple/ easy to navigate. The article information was easy to read but could be improved further by again removing some of the on-page distractions.


  • Articles readability was good. The article typeface and size are within normal readability guidelines.
  • Aesthetic design is within the acceptable range for this industry
  • Information about Smart Energy Decisions was readily available and findable.
  • Logos and information are presented to lend to the credibility of the site


  • The Aesthetic design is below average for the web in general.
  • Navigation is confusing and placed in a user blind spot (side rail)
  • Lots of information is presented to the user making it hard to decide on what to look at (paradox of choice)
  • The value prop for signing up/join isn’t clear to the user.


  1. Simplify the design further. Strip out anything that isn’t related to the content of the email. Once that is proven and working start to add back in.
  2. Reduce the amount of information that is being presented to the user in both the email and the site. Work to link the information more closely so that the site is meeting the user’s expectation on click through. A good example of this would be

    Email from Medium

    target article in the browser
  3. Install a click view metric platform e.g. that allows you to track clicks and playback user session. This should help you see the exploration paths and give better insight on what users are interested in/ exploring and where you are loosing them.

Closing Thoughts

Beyond UX audits our Product Innovation team works with both enterprise and startup clients to launch new products and reinvent underperforming ones. By connecting design, engineering, and business strategy disciplines, we provide the creativity and technical skills needed to solve business and user experience problems.

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